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Creative with a profound love for art, technology and a soft spot for anything kitsch. Postcard hoarder. Middle child.


I like things fast. Yet, sometimes, slow. But mostly fast. My boyfriend says I move through life like a duck swimming in a pond: cool on the surface, total mayhem underneath. 

Growing up, I always thought I would become a marine biologist and move to Tahiti. I did not, in fact, become a marine biologist or move to Tahiti. Instead, I studied communications at the Universidad the San Andrés. I was also really into taking pictures –started getting into it when I was five and my mom turned the house laundry into a dark room–  so I began studying photography at the EAF too.

But then, I decided to take on a challenge and enrolled in Miami Ad School, which pretty quickly snowballed to a complete transformation into full-time Art Director. My search now revolves around conveying simplicity, emotionality and sensoriality through everything I do.

I'm currently living in Buenos Aires with my cockapoo Tofu and working at Media.Monks as a creative. Don't be scared to drop an email: I'm always down for coffee and a chat.

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