Cafecito Creativo

Creative LIAisons
Fundación Publicidar


The Team
Copywriter: Josefina Franci (Media.Monks)

Designer: Elisabetta Gaspardo (Media.Monks)

My Role

Art Direction


For it's 2021 edition, Creative LIAisons – Círculo de Creatividad Argentina + London International Awards (LIA) –posed the challenge of coming up with an idea Fundación Publicidar, a non-profit that provides kids from marginalised neighbourhoods with school supplies. The brief was simple: to find a way to raise funds throughout the year. 

Coffee chats for a cause.

What would you give to have the chance to enjoy a coffee talk with some of the top creative brains in the country?


We recruited 6 speakers to spark the conversation around the truths and challenges of working in an ever-changing industry with the hardest product to cash in on: ideas. 

For the symbolic prize of a cup of coffee, people had the opportunity to participate in our monthly webinars. 

Overall, +300 people participated from Cafecito Creativo, helping Fundación Publicidar provide hundreds of school supplies to kids all over the country.