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Easy Fix is meant to be a conversation starter around the issue of clandestine abortions by means of three conceptual products. Irreverent, saccharine and ridiculous: a serious topic discussed in the patronizing way advertising and the media has –and continues– to refer to women.



The year is 2022 and women have never had as many opportunities as we do. We’re total girlbosses, “SHE-EOs” and boss-babes! But it feels like something is off... maybe the fact that we’re still struggling to get access to safe abortions and government protection of our right to choose? And, like, how do they expect us to live, laugh, love if we don’t even have power over our own bodies? As if!


C’mon ladies let’s make *herstory* and get ourselves some basic rights!

- From the EasyFix brandbook 

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